Our House STL made my transition to a new city easy and fun. I got to live in a beautiful house in a convenient location without having to worry about furnishings, sorting out utilities, or finding roommates. I felt like a lot of consideration was given when placing me with roommates, which made for a fun and respectful living situation. It was like having built-in friends, which really helped me feel at home here. I was really lucky to find such a great living situation and I’d recommend it to anyone moving to St. Louis.


I found Alicia's ad when I was in need of a shorter-term lease at the start of the COVID pandemic, and it was such a blessing. The house was very clean and quiet -- perfect for studying. Besides being a blast to have a conversation with, Alicia is a very considerate and engaged landlord -- she keeps her properties in great working order, and your experience in her home is important to her. She's direct, a great communicator, and easy to work with. I was thrilled to return to another one of Alicia's properties the following year, and my experience there was wonderful too. If you're looking for a room in STL, I highly recommend that you talk to Alicia and let her tell you about her homes. Who your landlord is matters, and Alicia is certainly one of the best! 


This elegant and spacious house is an excellent place to live. The common areas are large and tastefully decorated, and the bedrooms are quite cozy. The house is also in a great location, very close to Schlafly Bottleworks and the cluster of other Maplewood shops and restaurants on Manchester. Alicia is a great landlord who is very friendly and accommodating. I also never had a problem with any of the tenants in the house -- Alicia makes sure to pick quiet, thoughtful people who are respectful of the other tenants.


My experience living in House I was overall very pleasant. The house was comfortable and the kitchen was stocked with all of the items I ever needed. Whenever I had any concerns Alicia was extraordinarily responsive. As a student it was great to be able to stay somewhere where I didn’t have to worry about all the little things.


I stayed in House I for six months and it was overall a very pleasant experience. The house is located at a convenient location to most of the grocery stores, fun restaurants, WashU undergrad and medical campus and Forest park. Alicia is a great landlord who is very responsive in case any maintenance is required. The house has almost every utensil in the kitchen and bedrooms are spacious and furnished. There are plenty of parking spaces on the driveway. The interior of the house is unique and gives you a feeling of an old house (in a good way)! I strongly recommend considering this house if you are looking for a quiet, convenient and safe neighborhood with furnished place.


House I is a lovely cozy space located close to Forest Park. The kitchen is well stocked for cooking and serving and there is a good decent bit of counter space. It also has a gas stove, which is always a plus. My room was spacious with plenty of natural light and it was easy to maintain. I had no issues with utilities during my stay and always felt comfortable in the house. With only 2 other people in the house, it’s easy to keep track of items and avoid clutter. There’s only 1 shower but not difficult to have a working schedule to avoid hectic mornings.


I really enjoyed living in community housing. It was a great experience where I was able to make hopefully to be life long friendships. Living in a communal house allowed me to go do activities with my roommates and neighbors. They kept me busy making this is one of the best summers that I have had in a long time. It will be bittersweet to move to another state. I hope to move back to Saint Louis in a few years into one of Alicia's houses. Alicia was easy to work with and she was very transparent with any questions I had. Not only did she fulfill her landlord duties, but she took the time to get to know her tenants.


This house was a perfect place for me to live during my short term internship in St. Louis! It was very convenient to not have to buy any kitchenwear, furniture, or appliances since I live across the country. The house was spacious and clean, and any time I had a problem with utilities, Alicia would get it taken care of within a day of me notifying her. My house was conveniently located and my rent was very reasonable. Alicia was accommodating of my lease needs as well. I would gladly contact Alicia again in the future for a place to live in St. Louis.


Although I was concerned at first with living in a new house with new people in a new city, this turned out to be such a great option because my housemates and I became good friends. It's also very nice to move into a furnished house instead of a vacant flat. Alicia is a superb landlady, too- she does a great job of promptly replying to any concerns, and I felt comfortable reaching out to her. Highly recommend Our House StL! Also definitely go out and explore St. Louis while you're here, it's a much cooler city than you might expect.


Our house STL was a warm and inviting home. The landlord was flexible and considerate and responsive. The rent was reasonable and the home was full of numerous amenities. The furnishings are well-kept. The ceilings are high and there is a washer and dryer in the home. I would recommend our house STL to anyone in the St. Louis area who is in need of flexible or short term or long term housing. I also got lucky that I had nice roommates who became friends.


The house has a home feeling to it. My housemates were great, and we shared meals together. As someone who enjoys making his own meals. It makes sense that the kitchen is my favorite part of the house. The kitchen has plenty of space and easy to clean. The house is also very close to forest park. I enjoyed taking evening walks, running, and visiting the zoo. Share a house and make new friends!


For three years, House II has been a great base of operations for me.  It's just a few stops away from the University of Missouri-St. Louis on the MetroLink, and it's within walking distance of Washington University, Forest Park, and the Delmar Loop.  Living here has been a great way to meet a wide range of interesting people, and it's pretty easy to find a summer subletter if you need one.  The kitchen is great for cooking and baking and I love the house's woodwork and stained glass windows.


My experience living in this house was a great one overall. The century-old townhouse comes with its own personality, and it takes some getting used to its spacious interior. All the amenities work smoothly and without problem. What’s more, living here surrounds you with opportunities for entertainment and pastime, with Forest Park, the historic Loop, and downtown St. Louis always offering something new. The surrounding neighborhood and its residents are also pleasant. Renting a room in this house is a chance to make it yours for a season. I don’t regret it at all!


Trying to find housing on the fly in a different state can be daunting, so I was happy to have found Alicia's ad. The house was a 10-15 minute walk from the WashU Danforth campus (and within reasonable walking distance of Forest Park and the Loop), which was extremely convenient, and there was always an abundance of parking on the street next to the house. The neighborhood felt extremely safe, and the neighbors themselves were very friendly, taking the time to give a wave or a smile to you even if you were just passing by. The house itself was very comfortable, with large, open spaces in the living room and dining room for socializing and certainly enough room in the bedrooms for everything I brought. Perhaps the best feature of living in the house was meeting others with similar interests. When I first reached out to Alicia, she asked me to describe myself (educational path, what I would be doing there that summer, etc.) before stating that she thought I would be a good fit with my roommates: all of whom were in the sciences and three out of four who conducted research at WashU. The fact that she took the time to consider the personality fit rather than just filling rooms spoke volumes of her, and I felt that I quickly connected with my roommates, going on shopping trips, eating out, watching movies, or even just hanging out at the house. If you are looking for a place to stay that's convenient, comfortable, and run by someone who really cares about her tenants, I would highly suggest looking at Our House STL.


Finding short-term housing in St. Louis was difficult but I am glad I found Alicia's posting for summer housing. I stayed in House II over the summer and I really enjoyed my time. Not only did I have some pretty great roommates I also was within walking distance of the Loop which has various shops and restaurants. Another St. Louis gem close to House II is Forest Park, check out the zoo and the various museums. House II is also very close to two metrolink (Skinker and The Loop) stops which I relied on to get to and from the Central West End. Overall my experience was positive and I would recommend OurHouse STL to friends having to stay in St. Louis in the future.


The summer accommodation provided to me through OurHouseSTL far exceeded my expectations for what short-term living solutions could look like for a summer in St. Louis. Not only did the house I was in come fully stocked with kitchen essentials but I was also placed with a group of housemates that made my stay in St. Louis memorable and enjoyable. Furthermore, the house was comfortably located close to Metro stops and entertainment hubs in St. Louis which made my commute to work and post-work activities so much more accessible. Overall I had a thoroughly enjoyable summer with OurHouseSTL and I look forward to visiting St. Louis again soon.


I had a solid experience in that big ol' house, and I loved the space as well as the mates with which I shared it. There was more than enough space throughout the house to lounge, relax, and avoid the Saint Louis humidity. The neighborhood itself is also fantastic. I would often go jogging by the houses and be greeted with a word of encouragement from the neighbors as I hauled my sweaty frame down the street. All in all, I enjoyed my time there, and I would love to make another stay.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time in House II! Quick access to Washington University, Forest Park, Kayak's and the MetroLink helped me save time and effort on a fairly busy schedule. And thanks to Alicia, I never had to worry about home maintenance because she basically took care of everything from mowing to plumbing. If you're looking for an affordable place with a great location and landlord, I would definitely live in House II.


I loved living in House II. All of the housemates were respectful of each other and very quiet. The landlord is very kind and quick to respond to any issue. I had a great experience and was sad to leave. 


Moving into the house was a great experience all around. I came from out of town and didn't know anyone in the city, but the house was a great way to meet a bunch of people really quickly. One of the other roommates and I became very good friends and remain in close contact even after moving out. Any requests for maintenance or random lease/house-related questions were always answered promptly. Alicia always trusted any comments made by any tenants. In short, the house and landlady are great, the neighbors are unbelievably nice, the location is perfect (right between the loop, Wash U, and Forest Park), and the roommate experience was beyond pleasant.


As a student in the city looking at the last minute to sublet for the summer, I had a great experience with Our House STL. My room in House II had a great bay window that looked out onto the yard, the kitchen worked like a charm, and the other residents were very helpful and friendly throughout my brief stay. On top of that, my landlord was quick to fix any issues that occurred in the house. What I loved the most was how close the house was to Forest Park, so on beautiful summer days, I could head there for a run or a bike ride.


I had a great experience staying in one of Alicia's properties. She was a clear and prompt communicator, responding quickly so all of my questions and concerns, including whenever issues arose with the house. She was very fair with me when we agreed upon the terms of our lease and I would gladly rent from her again.


Such good memories in this house! Sharing a large home with roomies allows for anonymity when I need it and opportunities to socialize when I want it. I have lived in this home for two years and have never experienced any major issues...which is saying a lot! Alicia is an ethical and attentive landlord who cares about the wellbeing of her tenants.


My stay in Alicia's home was such a wonderful experience. I was looking for housing as a single woman and really did not want to live alone (or pay the rent of living alone!), and staying here gave me kind people to live with in a fully furnished home at an affordable rate with a kind and responsive landlord. All my housemates were incredibly kind and considerate, and I can honestly say my stay here has been the best living situation I've had yet. Something I loved most was how "homey" the house feels - Ive lived in a number of apartments, but none of them quite felt like a home. If you're looking for a place that feels like home, Id absolutely recommend staying in one of Alicia's homes. I recommended Alicia to so many people while I was staying at her home, and I will continue to past my stay!"


I was new to Saint Louis and the Midwest in general. So, I took a chance and joined forces with Our House -- and I’m quite happy that I did so. With seven houses within the city to choose from, the Our House umbrella allowed me to enjoy a quiet and clean room in the suburban-ish Maplewood neighborhood. After realizing I’m more of an urban dweller, I moved into another Our House property in the historic Shaw Neighborhood where I can walk to eateries and local shops.

My experience with Alicia has been pleasant and harmonious. She responds to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. And repair requests are responded to promptly. My housemates have all been quiet, kind and courteous, and the two houses I’ve lived in have been clean and comfortable. If I’m feeling adventurous, I may just move into another Our House residence, so I can experience even more of what this city has to offer.


My stay in St. Louis was very welcoming. These houses were recommended to me by a friend, and I would gladly recommended a stay here for anyone searching in the St. Louis area. Even with a busy schedule, Alicia made the renting process so quick and simple. She was very understanding and willing to accommodate when the time came to move in.


Living at Our House STL in House III was a wonderful experience. Alicia is very respectful, helpful, and always quick to respond to any questions or needs. In addition, she does a great job of selecting housemates who contribute to a great house atmosphere. Living in house III was fantastic as you are in a great neighborhood close to forest park and downtown Maplewood. As well as about 10 minutes or less from Wash U, Central West End, downtown or the grove. The house has all the amenities you need and is a fantastic option for anyone looking for housing in STL.


I moved to St. Louis for work and was very excited to find a home with other young professionals that was close, not only to my job, but also many breweries, restaurants, and Forest Park. The house was spacious and the back yard was unparalleled by other yards I saw around the city. Alicia was very attentive and responsive to anything I needed and my housemates were equally as wonderful. If moving back to the area, I would undoubtedly live in the house again. I highly recommend!


Throughout my time living in this house, I have made countless memories and lifelong friends! I was nervous at first moving into a home in a new state with five guys, but they turned out to be the greatest of roommates and some of my best friends. We had so much fun having weekly dinners together, going out and exploring St. Louis, and study dates! I am so grateful for this experience and to have found this house, it worked out perfectly for me. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to make some new friends and have a great roommate experience as well!


Living in house 3 has been a great experience - the housemates really came together to form a nice community. I would recommend living here to any people-persons that are interested in a spacious and friendly environment.


House III was great for my short term summer internship in Saint Louis. The house came fully stocked with plenty of kitchen appliances, and my room was clean and very roomy. It was also very close to my internship, forest park, the delmar loop, and many other things Saint Louis has to offer. Alicia was always quick to reply and was very accommodating with the dates I needed. Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Our House STL.


I lived in House III last summer. The people in the house were really friendly and it was great to have a kitchen with all of the implements you could want. Overall a good experience!


If you are considering living in one of Alicia's community living environments, ABSOLUTELY DO IT.  It was by far the best living arrangement I've had to date (safe to say after a previous failed attempt with craigslist roomies, college roomies and living alone.)  Everyone was so incredible.  So many memories were made around the kitchen table, sharing stories and learning from each other.  I enjoyed every family dinner, bonfire, or celebratory gathering...and most of all, having friends instantly after moving to a new city.  Alicia is also a huge factor in making this experience incredible, she is so understanding and reliable.  I have nothing but positive memories to take with me after my time living in shared house # III.  I sincerely would encourage everyone to give this type of living arrangement a try.


I had an overall pleasant experience at this house. I got along well with the roommates, there are a good amount of household items to be used, and there is a large backyard good for cookouts. We had a couple of plumbing problems, but they were fixed within a day or two each time. The house is close to I-44 and I-64, with easy access to Maplewood and Rock Hill. I would definitely recommend this house. 


This place is more than a simple residence; it is a complete experience.  The area being close to major universities and outstanding hospitals make for fascinating diversity in its population, which you will see reflected in the small community of the house.  I’ve met some of the best people I know here, and over the course of a year, we formed a family away from family. You will find home here.


Living in a community house was the perfect experience for me! Being a college student from a different state, I didn't know more than one person in Missouri at the time. And by the time I left, I had more than 9 friends whom I had lived with at one point or another. It was awesome coming home with housemates who I could talk to about my day, cook together, and have kitchen karaoke! Everyone is pretty respectful of personal belongings, cleaning up after themselves, and keeping the noise level down. One of the most beneficial parts of living here was that the rooms came furnished. Being a college student, I didn't have any of my own furniture, and definitely didn't want to buy any for only 2 years. It worked out perfectly, and when it came time for me to move, I didn't have the hassle of moving all the furniture with me. All in all, living in House III was a great experience and I definitely recommend it to anyone! 


I lived in House III for about two years and had a great time! Living there afforded me the invaluable experience of developing friendships with a diverse and eclectic group of students and young professionals. The house has a very cozy feel to it, and is located in a fun part of town with Forest Park, the heart of Dogtown, and the heart of Maplewood all within a short distance. Alicia is a great landlord who is very prompt and reliable. I will forever cherish my time in this house: the house dinners/outings, the late-night conversations, countless laughs in the kitchen, and heartfelt good-byes.


My summer in St. Louis was one of the best I've ever had. Originally I was hoping to rent studio or one bedroom for the summer but I'm so glad things turned out the way they did. Living in the house was great--everyone is super nice and having roommates means there's always people around and someone to hang out with. The house is big enough though that getting privacy is not a problem. 


I moved to St. Louis without knowing a single person, but that changed fast when I moved into House III. Not only did it provide a comfortable home with everything you could need, it was a great way to meet some wonderful people and get to know the city! The house is located in a cool part of the city with great restaurants, cafes, bars, stores, and parks within walking distance. I couldn't have asked for a better first home in St. Louis. 

House III: KATE H.

Living in a house with random roommates is a great way to meet new people. Sometimes we would all cook dinner together (the best way to get to know each other!) and we formed a little community. It was definitely a highlight of my time in St. Louis to live in House III, and I'm still really close with my roommates!


Living in a community living environment is like nothing I've ever done before.  It's better than living in college!  With the continuous exchange of roommates, there's never a dull moment.  From family dinners, house outings, and just simple one-on-one interaction, you learn so much about others and - more importantly - so much more about yourself.  Those who remain skeptical of community living need to only live in this house for a week and all of their worries will disappear - they will wonder to themselves “why haven't I done this sooner?”  Trust me - I was a skeptic and now I'm a believer.


And I have to admit that the landlord, Alicia, plays a big part in the success of the houses.  She is constantly keeping us informed of fun, exciting, inexpensive/free events around town.  If there are any issues - big or small - from maintenance to your payday being off by a week - she has been the most accommodating person I've ever met!  When a room becomes available, she not only introduces the house to the potential new housemate but will allow the housemates to weigh-in on their thoughts of the person possibly moving in.  NOWHERE IN THE WORLD WILL YOU EVER FIND THIS SYSTEM OF LIVING!!!  I have grown to love community living so much that I have extended my lease for another year, forewarning Alicia that I plan to be renting from her for the next 20 years!  Come try us out - you won't regret it!

House III: LISA D.

Hi everyone, 

I am from France and I stayed in Saint-Louis for a year, and for about 9 months in House III...and it was awesome! 

I loved having housemates, which is very nice when you are a foreigner (or not!), because there is always someone to talk with. Even more when your roommates are priceless :) 

We did lots of things together, going the Forest Park, to the restaurant, out for a drink (the Schlafly Brewery is very close)... And stayed at home, out in the huge backyard, enjoying some great nights with a bonfire. With another roommate, we made a little garden and grew a few stuff. The neighborhood is great, not too loud even if it's close to the road, you don't hear anything when you are inside.  There is 2 restaurant very close to the house, you can go there by walk, and the neighborhood is very central! 

What else can I say about this place...It was fantastic for me, it's a really good way to go deep into a new culture, discover the way things work in America, without any inconvenience of a new installation (everything is fully furnished which it's great, I wouldn't have moved my bed from France ;)


My experience living in the house was amazing! I would come home and there would always be someone there. What was great about this place is that everyone was always very chill and down to earth! This is the place to live!!! 

All the house mates were either students or working professionals which made living in this house very easy! Alicia the landlady is the best woman you will ever meet! She is a previous Peace Corps volunteer an now works at Washington U! If you ever have a problem with anything she is always there to fix it. I have never lived at a place with a landlord who is so understanding and respectful. 


Living in House III upon my arrival to St. Louis was awesome! Though I only lived there for a short time, I met some great people and had a wonderful time learning about the city.  Alicia is a great landlord - she was attentive to the needs of all tenants and took great care of the house.  If you are new to the area, or looking for a great community to live in, Alicia is a great person to be in contact and work with. 


I chose to move into a shared house because my best friend, who I was living with, was stationed in Japan. Before that I had lived alone for three years, so I knew I enjoyed living with people as opposed to living by myself. I have met such fantastic people. People I will remain in contact with forever. The house being furnished is awesome because moving large furniture is a drag. Alicia is the best landlord I have ever had. Very understanding if your pay periods don't fall right with rent, fixes things right away, and is super friendly. If you want to make friends, have a great life experience, and you think you're a neat person that gets along well with others, you should try an Alicia house.  


I loved my time in House IV, for many reasons! 

First: if one might consider the surrounding area “rough” (and that is debatable), then one would also have to consider the neighborhood in which this house is nestled the “diamond”—these neighbors are the kindest people you could ask for, watching out for one another and always good for a friendly porch chat.  I never experienced any criminal activity, and that is not simply due to my good luck. 

Second: this house can be a wonderful blend of privacy and togetherness.  The housemates with whom you find yourself sharing common space come from so many different walks of life.  Given a chance, both the relationships you are given the opportunity to build and the atmosphere you collectively create together are unique and wonderful—but the other side of the coin is well-delineated private space to make your own.  (I, for one, made a pretty nice little cocoon for myself in my room when needed.)  There’s plenty of room for introverts and extroverts galore.

Lastly: your landlady is attentive and efficient.  Not only is Alicia super quick to address any household concerns (e.g. heating, cooling, leaks, etc.), she goes the extra mile to offer insight to possible newcomers to the area re: events, precautions, etc.  She is always available through email (and even text if necessary), which is greatly appreciated.  She also works to keep the house updated and full of home-y touches—all of it adds up to a very comfortable, supportive living space.

In conclusion: live here!  It is so much more than a safe space to call home.  I’m sad to leave.


I bragged to my friends on a pretty regular basis that I got to live in a large, furnished room close to Forest Park, The Loop, and Central West End for a very affordable price.  It was great to live in such a comfortable space with friendly, interesting people.  I especially appreciated the large, bright, fully equipped kitchen and my windows facing the beautiful trees in the front yard.  I loved the neighborhood; the homes are beautiful architecture and the neighbors were very friendly.


I enjoyed my time at 5157 Cates. My room was spacious, had a ton of natural light, and was very comfortable with plenty of extra furniture. The housemates were accommodating, generally very quiet, and cleaned the common areas regularly. We all got along well and each person had private time too. The neighborhood was peaceful and it was a 4 minute drive to CWE. Overall a great deal!


I am a current resident in House IV.  I have been here for just over 6 months.  I can honestly say that I have NEVER felt afraid, concerned or the least bit uncomfortable; in fact it has been quite the opposite.  The neighbors have ALL been incredible, very welcoming.  The people that live in this area seem to watch out for each other.   I would have no problem recommending MY neighborhood to anyone. 


As an international student, I've never lived with Americans before. So for me, I had no idea what adventure was waiting in front me when I made the decisions to live with a new group of people. But when I received so many emails last year, I just felt so heard and supported, which deepened my determination on starting this journey here. When I got here and met my roommates, I felt great hospitality from Americans. And during the time I lived with them, we had so much joy and happiness. This is the place I can call home here in Saint Louis, in America.



This summer housing arrangement turned out better than I could have imagined.  The house/neighborhood was great and all the roommates were respectful and great to hang out with.


I discovered OurHouseSTL when I was preparing to move to Saint Louis for my term as an Americorps VISTA. My criteria for housing was: affordability, peace of mind, and within walking distance of some of the attractions of Saint Louis. With House IV, I had all three. Over the year that I stayed at the house, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I got to spend interacting with my housemates. Everyone had their own story to share and together we came up with some real neat things to do as a group, or suggestions for things to do on our own time.

Any time there was an issue, Alicia would either offer advice on how to remedy it ourselves, or arrange for a professional to come out and check to see what the cause was. She also was very respectful of our hours and sleep habits when the lease was coming to an end and it was time to start showing the rooms. If you're looking for a place to stay for any amount of time, I'd highly recommend looking into the OurSTL houses.


I lived in House IV for a couple months over the summer to be close to my two jobs in the Central West End. It was certainly one of the highlights of my summer. Working downtown and being near Forest Park was just what the house provided, and could boast proudly. It was close to the Delmar Loop and the Central West End, both are wonderful shopping and cultural attractions for resident and tourists alike. Both can be reached by a mere 5-10 minute drive. The Metrolink has stops nearby as well, if one has no access to private transportation and relies on the use of Public Transportation.

Upon first surveying the neighborhood, one may get the impression that the part of town the house is located in is not one of the best. But after further inspection, and living there for a whole summer, I found it to be a nice and quiet neighborhood housing many elderly residents. Every neighbor I encountered was very kind and helpful to me, as well as any guests I brought over. Even they can tell you they never have any problems or issues to speak of. Altogether, the neighborhood has a great urban vibes with the peace one can find in a suburban neighborhood, and it was the place I called home for a great summer.

I can say that I made some great friendships with the roommates I was dealt, and hopefully everyone else gets as lucky as I did. Alicia was always very receptive and would send help if anything was broken or in need of repair. Things we taken care of in a timely manner and organized to take care of a number of houses on the same street. Living here for the summer was one of the best decisions I made this past summer and I'm very grateful to Alicia for convincing me to get it!


Living in the house was a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet several people from different backgrounds. It is by far the most affordable housing option for college students in St. Louis.


This summer I was awarded an Internship with a large engineering company in Saint Louis, which led to my hunt for a cheap, safe, comfortable place to stay for 3 months. Thankfully I stumbled across OurHouseSTL and the land lady Alicia. Alicia was very helpful in going through all of her summer options at all of the houses and getting me into the one that best fit my needs. The Cates house turned out to be everything I needed and more. While first impressions of the area may not be the best, House IV itself is beautiful, updated and very uniquely decorated. The neighbors are all friendly, and I was even invited over for a July 4th BBQ, the fireworks show the street puts on is quite impressive. Staying at this house has been very comfortable, and Alicia is always on top of fixing things or answering any questions. Our AC unit went down, and the very next day she had someone in to fix it. Along with enjoying the house, I've been able to meet and live with so many fun, interesting people. While my time here was short, I certainly think I got the most for my money living in House IV! 


I moved to Saint Louis for graduate school two years ago. I had never visited Saint Louis and didn't know anyone in the city. I knew I wanted a furnished living space with a community atmosphere and amenities nearby. I found this rare combination during my two years in House IV. My roommates became and remain some of my dearest friends and together we created a home base from which we explored the city together. My roommates, along with the warmth of our neighbors, helped make me feel like I wasn't just a visitor passing through Saint Louis, but an active part of the community here. As a bike commuter and outdoors enthusiast, I loved the house's proximity to the Central West End, Forest Park, and the Loop (and The Grove, Tower Grove, and Midtown if I was feeling energetic). As an extroverted introvert, I loved having a large room where I could rest and study alone, and then a large shared living room and kitchen space where I could unwind with my roommates. We also have a large backyard area and I enjoyed watching my green thumbed roommates plant a garden and build a bonfire pit while I lounged on the porch with a cup of tea. 


I stayed in House V for a little over a year. During my time at this house I was working 3 jobs and going to grad school full time. Although my life was filled with work and school, the house was the perfect place to rest my head. While staying at this house I was able to balance work, school, and my social life with no problems. The other housemates were very respectful and most of the time I did not see them because they also are professionals. The neighborhood in which the house is located, was never a problem for me, I actually enjoyed being so close to cheap food and drinks, while having the ability to go to The Loop or Central West End without the price of living there. All in all the House V is a wonderful house to live in, more so Alicia (the landlord) is an amazing landlord. I couldn't have asked for a better place to live.


Most polite and professional short-term living experience from beginning to end. Homeowner and I never met in person, however, communication was so strong and expedient, it made every transaction easy and simple. The homeowner's experience made the process of finding the home, confirming its vacancy, and submitting the requisite documentation to move-in very smooth. The housemates were all kind-hearted and respectful of my space, belongings, and work schedule. Never had a single encounter with any of my housemates that led me to believe they were rude, inconsiderate, or untrustworthy. In fact, one of my housemates was gracious enough to invite us all to a complimentary dinner at the restaurant which he is employed. This action certainly spoke volumes of the type of people I was fortunate to be living with. For anyone looking for a place to live that is spacious, accommodating, and relatively central to everything in the City of St. Louis, this is your place!


I stayed in House V. I found Alicia through a housing group on Facebook. She asked me to send a note about myself and the rest was history. Everyone I told this story to on how I found my housing placement thought I was crazy and that I was gambling with my life, but truth is, I never saw it that way. From my first encounter with Alicia, it just felt right. She never struck me as an untrustworthy person and she answered every question I had quickly, professionally, but with a genuine warmth that I cannot explain. Her price and the fact that it was fully furnished was hard to beat. One thing that seemed like it could be problematic was the fact that it was a 5 bedroom house. Alicia assured me it was spacious enough that you wouldn't notice and she was right. The house had two refrigerators and 4 floors. Most times I was the only one in the house as everyone worked and had their own separate life. I never had a problem with parking or annoying roommates. We all got along well and at times I even had dinner with one of my housemates. My room was extremely spacious and the bathroom on my floor was amazing. It looks like the master bathroom of a house and the tub was nice and spacious. I am pretty tall and have never had a bathtub that I felt small in. That was my favorite part of the house outside of the location. Central West End was my favorite area to go to and downtown STL was less than 10 minutes away. If you look beyond the location and what you may have heard about the location you will find that the neighbors are in fact nice as well as the house. There is a driveway entrance so your car and you will be safe at all times. I would like to make another point about Alicia's character. My Summer internship was extended for an additional 2 weeks and Alicia made arrangements for me to stay longer so that I did not have to move to an entirely different place. She could have just told me that my lease has ended and that's that like any leasing agent would have done, but the fact she helped me when she could have easily rushed another tenants in the room shows a lot about her character. I moved to the room next to me and the tenant scheduled to move in after me move in date aligned perfectly. I truly enjoyed my stay and highly recommend this place to everyone. I am an avid reviewer, so trust that my review is genuine and release any doubt you may have had.


I am in the restaurant business and work at night. During the day I take online classes for my graphics and video hobby.

A few years ago I was at a point where I wanted to downsize my life and save some money. I was looking for something at a reasonable price in the CWE or nearby. I wanted to live in a house, not an apartment building. The prices in the CWE were double or triple to what I wanted to pay. It wasn’t until I crossed Delmar that I found my new landlord, Alicia.

I’m writing this letter in appreciation of Alicia. I have lived in this house for more than three years. From the day I met Alicia until now, she has been a perfect example of a landlord. She is always there to help at any time of day with a most positive attitude. I have lived all around the country with many different landlords. Never have I had one as exceptional as Alicia. She is never too busy to make the smallest problems a priority. Not only does Alicia care for her tenants but the house as well. When things go south Alicia gets it fixed fast. She respects all the tenants the same and makes us feel like a community. Because of the great people Alicia chooses to rent to, I can say many of them are friends. I will have wonderful memories of my time in House V.

She puts a lot of hard work, effort and love into our house and makes it a home.


Staying in House V was a great option for me when I moved to St. Louis for a summer internship. Not only was I able to get a short-term lease with Alicia (with the added bonus of not having to buy or move my own furniture), but our house was well-kept and the other roommates were friendly, cooperative, and courteous. Alicia was a responsive and available landlord, getting back to us immediately when we had a problem with our washing machine and making sure that it got quickly fixed. All of the household members came together to divide up chores, which I really appreciated--Alicia makes sure that she rents to responsible people. I enjoyed how large the house was, and whenever I had people over they would comment on how beautiful it is. I never had problems with the neighborhood and enjoyed being so close to the Loop and Forest Park, and being walking distance Central West End (without the very high CWE rent prices!). I worked in Forest Park so I was close enough to bike there every day, which I immensely enjoyed. My summer in St. Louis was one of the best summers of my life, and my excellent living situation contributed greatly to my happiness!


I stayed in House V for about a year, and had a great experience. My house mates were all very friendly and we never had any problems. While every set of housemates will make for a different experience but my housemates were respectful and easy-going. While I was at the house I was working two jobs and going to school full-time. Despite my busy schedule I was still able to enjoy the time I had in the house.

The neighborhood may be a cause for concern for some potential tenants however there were never any issues during my time at the house. The neighbors were courteous and even offered to help me shovel the driveway when we had snow. In addition the close proximity of the Loop and the Central West End gives you a broad range of social activities to participate in and explore what the city has to offer.  Alicia, our landlord, was also very helpful and accommodating, which made my first experience in St. Louis much more enjoyable.


If you really want to experience the rich diversity that is the heart of the St. Louis experience then stay at Alicia’s House V.  It was the perfect place to spend the short 15 months that I had in St. Louis.  The people I lived with were people I genuinely enjoyed being around and who were, for the most part, responsible and respectful individuals.  The home had all the essentials to support the bachelor lifestyle and Alicia, as a landlord was always cooperative whenever there was maintenance work that was needed.  Overall, a vey pleasant and memorable experience. 


I had a great experience living in the house. Me and some of the roommates were very close. We would see movies, plays and grab drinks in the city. It was also very convenient for my 10 month internship in University City.


I stayed in House VI for the summer and had an amazing experience. The house is fantastically located--about twenty minutes from anywhere in the city you would want to go, and even closer to the best things STL has to offer (the Botanical Gardens, Science Center, City Museum, Cards Stadium). It's also close enough to walk to the Central West End, which is a really great little shopping and dining district.

It's fully furnished, which is definitely a plus if you're coming from out of town, and my favorite spot in the entire house was a small breakfast nook on the first floor where there are two soft, squishy leather chairs overlooking the backyard that are perfect for morning coffee or having a wine and Netflix night. 

I lived with five people while I was there, and have never enjoyed a living arrangement more. The house is big enough to allow for privacy when you want it, but also warm and comforting enough to allow for us to hang out together, which we did on the rare occasions we were all home at the same time. Everybody was mature and respectful as a roommate, as well as interesting and engaging as a friend. We all chipped in to buy housing supplies and everybody cleaned up after themselves, which is crucial when five people are sharing an admittedly large kitchen. 

Ten/ten would recommend!  


I lived in House VI for 11 months. The housemates were great, Alicia knows how to pick them, I instantly became friends with them and because it being a big house we never had problems with any occupying the bathrooms or the shared space, and the problems that happened to the house in the 11 months I was there were maybe one or two major ones and were fixed asap and other minors were also fixed asap so I wouldn't think there would be a problem from that point of view. The neighborhood was never a problem for me, in the latter months of me residing in the house I was kinda house bound except for a couple of hours to do personal things because of a medical board exam so I noticed that the neighborhood was peaceful and quiet and I loved it and in the end I would recommend it to anyone looking because its peaceful and the landlord is wonderful and its relatively inexpensive.


I am a 22 year old female who lived in House VI for 10 months. I enjoyed my time there and liked having roommates in a new city. It was nice to know there would always be people around to ask me how my day was. The rent was affordable, the landlord was responsive, and the location was great (accessible by walk/bike to the Loop, Forest Park, Central West End, and a few grocery stores). The neighborhood is mostly pretty quiet, and the neighbors would always wave and smile to me on my early morning runs.


"My name is Lace, and I'm a 20-year-old female who lived in House VI for 8 months. I moved to StL from Colorado after graduating college. Prior to my move, some friends tried to scare me away from moving "north of Delmar." Still, I signed my lease for House VI and hoped for the best. These individuals never ventured here on their own, I figured, so why would I trust them to know anything about it?

Now that my 8 months are up, I can verify that I had absolutely no problems with the people in my neighborhood. I moved here without a car, and I was always walking to the buses on Delmar, Kingshighway, Union, and Page streets, and oftentimes at night or in the pre-dawn hours of the morning in order to go to work, go shopping, etc. Never once was I followed. Never once did I feel like I was being watched. Never once did anyone try to steal my things, rob me, etc.  Here in the Academy neighborhood, I can honestly say that my stay was completely without incident. Simply put, I minded my own business and my neighbors and fellow residents minded theirs. 

Looking back, I think I understand why everyone warned me away. These individuals who suggested that I had something to be afraid of were the same individuals who never ventured north of Delmar to see things for themselves. Should somebody be warning you against moving to this neighborhood, I would make one request: ask them how much time they have spent in this neighborhood with their own two eyes and on their own two feet prior to giving you advice.


The White House was a great place to live. At the time I was an undergraduate student. I was able to study in peace and live in an affordable place. While most of the other tenants kept to themselves it was still nice to have somebody close by to count on and socialize with. The lawn was always nicely cut and and free of debris. The neighbors were friendly and always wanted to chat. Everything was always done effortlessly and swiftly. My favorite part was that anytime there was ever an issue Alicia was close by to help solve the problem.


Alicia was very quick to respond to my requests and offered me great affordable short term housing. I enjoyed my stay here and it was very close to everything I needed in terms of work, school, groceries, and nightlife. I enjoyed getting to know my roommates while I lived in House VI and never had any problems while living here. Alicia was the most communicative landlord I've had which made it a pleasant experience. 


I had an amazing time staying at one of Alicia's houses.  At first I was a bit concerned about moving to a new city into a home with complete strangers, but the original housemates were wonderful and everyone who moved in and out through the summer were equally fantastic.  The house itself was gorgeous in a historic area that felt super safe. The proximity to Tower Grove Park and the Botanical Gardens meant I got my fill of beautiful scenery and I absolutely loved going on walks around the neighborhood and during the day never felt unsafe.  I was also first concerned about parking because it wasn't guaranteed, but I never had to park more than a 30 second walk away from the front door and the street parking helped me hone in on my previously dull parallel parking skills.  I thought it was a super charming house in a super charming area and I had a great time.  Highly recommend staying with Alicia, she is highly responsive and from what I've heard from people who stay at her other homes, positive experiences abound.  


I stayed in one of Alicia's houses for the duration of my summer internship. 

I did not know what to expect first since I am not a STL native. However, the network that I was able to build while living in the house is something to remember.

The neighborhood was right outside of the beautiful Missouri Botanical gardens and was also home to so many nice neighbors that weren't afraid to say hi or lend a hand when you needed it!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and hope to return in the future if the space is still available!


When I moved to St. Louis from another state, I chose House VII intending to stay there only until I had settled into the city and had found a permanent place to rent. After a short time at House VII, I found no reason to move. The people in the house were all very respectful, quiet, and everyone kept up with the agreed cleaning schedule. The landlord (Alicia) is the best one you could have - she keeps the houses in great condition, returns emails really quickly, sends rent reminders with ideas of things to do in St. Louis over the next month, and always worked out a solution whenever I needed something. The house itself is a cool, old house, with a ton of early-1900s craftmanship. It has all of the typical modern household things also, including fast internet.

I never felt like the Shaw neighborhood was anything but safe, even at night, although common sense is always a good idea. Tower Grove Park (a 2-minute walk from the house) is a great place to jog around and play a number of club sports (tennis, kickball, softball, ...). The Botanical gardens (a 10-minute walk from the house) are amazing and free on Saturday mornings. Ices (an ice cream shop) is a 1-minute walk from the house. There's a community garden a 1-minute walk down the alley behind the house, with monthly neighborhood potlucks. I never struggled to find a parking space near the house, except during the Festival of Nations, which happens a couple days in Tower Grove Park every summer.

As for cons, the only thing I can think of is that since it is a house with five rented rooms, it's possible that some things about the other renters might annoy you. Personally, I had no issues with any of the people I lived with there. The landlord is great about coordinating it so that new people meet the other people in the house so that everyone can get a sense if things will work out. Interacting with other people was part of the appeal of living in House VII for me. Having lived in an apartment by myself before and feeling a bit like a pigeon in a box, it was nice to live somewhere with other people. If you're introverted, don't worry - this house would definitely work for you. Everyone there was friendly, but will absolutely respect your privacy.


I was coming to St Louis to work a short term contract project in Mid-Town, and wanted to find an interesting place to live where I'd get a chance to meet some people as well. I thought that sharing a house would be much better than an apartment by myself. I found a great situation in Shaw, with a nice bunch of housemates, right near Tower Grove Park and all the restaurants and shops on South Grand. Alicia is a very gracious and helpful landlord, helping me to get settled in and quick to answer any questions. I liked that the house was furnished and the kitchen all set up, and a grand old house from the late 1890's.  I'm middle-aged, and prefer some company. I wondered how it would work out, since I hadn't shared a house since college. This house had a mixed age group, and we found a lot in common - going to movies, having occasional family dinners, and regular game nights. I'd recommend this to others coming to St Louis and wanting somewhere that feels like home.


I had an wonderful summer experience living in this house. The house had plenty of space and was at a great location next to Tower Grove Park and restaurants on South Grand. All my roommates were considerate, welcoming, and tidy. Alicia made it easy to move in and out and was very helpful throughout the whole process.


The house is great for students being close to SLU and quiet for studying. Alicia is an understanding landlady who is easy to work with.


The house in Shaw is not only a beautiful place to live and just steps from gorgeous Tower Grove Park but it comes with excellent housemates and a superb landlady. The house itself is great. It's large and spacious which makes it feel like you're the only one there even though you're not. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you might need and since it's so large it's easy for a few people to use it at one time. There is tons of storage space in the basement and garage. It's simply a great house to call home.

 I had great housemates when I lived there. Everyone was respectful and we were all able to create a positive community living situation. Alicia does a great job communicating to potential housemates how the house works. This type of situation is ideal for lots of different people. It's great not to have to buy furniture or any supplies if you are a college student or young professional. 

Alicia is a great landlady. She is super friendly, always helpful, always available to answer questions, and generally easy to work with. She sends out monthly reminders about paying rent via email and her emails always include helpful hints about the houses and updates on fun things going on in the city. She accepts payments via Paypal which is awesome and makes paying rent even easier. Alicia responds within a few days to all emails and maintenance requests. She makes sure maintenance issues are handled promptly and pain free for you. 

All in all living in the house in Shaw was a great experience and I highly recommend it!


As a new medical student at SLU moving from California, I was looking for a house that was close to school, had some built-in community and was furnished so I didn't have to ship or buy new furniture. OurHouse was a perfect fit! It was so easy to move there because Alicia had provided all the furniture, dishes, and kitchen items plus a washer/dryer in the basement. The house had plenty of storage and I could keep my bike in the garage. 

I ended up staying for 3 years and loved living with a group of girls from various backgrounds and professions. The neighborhood is full of other students and young professionals, but also has a number of families so it has a very neighborhood feel. There are restaurants, coffee shops and the most beautiful park in St Louis (in my opinion) all within walking distance, plus it was only a 10 minute drive to school. Alicia was a great landlady, always responded within a few hours regarding house requests and never hesitated to hire someone to fix anything that was broken. Overall, I had a wonderful experience living in this house during my medical training. 


The great housemates and friends I've made while staying at this house have really defined my enjoyable experience here. I've been able to grow close and meet people I otherwise would never have met, especially after spending late nights conversing about woes and grinding through videogames. Over the past year it has been a pleasure watching myself and my housemates grow and help each other grow. I biked everywhere from the house, which helped me stay fit, and also worked out with my housemates. I especially recommend people stay here if it's their first year in town because it is already furnished, and the house helps establish a community for you in a perhaps foreign place.


I stayed in Alicia's house for a few months and enjoyed the proximity to Delmar loop and the convenient bus stop next to the house. The house offers plenty of space, especially in the dining room, and the kitchen is fully-equipped. Coming from abroad, it was very convenient to find the house furnished and Alicia even offered to rent me the bed sheets. I know that for all of WashU's student housing you have to buy everything yourself when you arrive, which can be a pain for the first couple of weeks, especially if you don't have a car. The downside of living in this house  is that you are not located in the same street/building as most of the other students, so this is something to think over. I personally am glad I chose to stay in this house.


I lived in the house for the summer while I worked at the Med School. It was a great location for commuting to and from the med campus, only about ten minutes by car and fifteen on my bike. It was only about five minutes bike from the Delmar or Forest Park metro stations which made it really convenient to get downtown. Close proximity to the Delmar loop where there's just about every food imaginable. Everything was pretty clean and kept in good condition in the house. Everyone I lived with was super friendly and everyone got along and respected each other's spaces. The room was great, the kitchen is nice and open, and there's plenty of space in the dining room to have just about anyone and everyone you know come over for a meal. Parking wasn't a problem between the garage and the street in front of the house. All in all a great experience, and I'd recommend this house or any other houses to someone looking for a place to stay in St. Louis; Alicia takes good care of her houses and her tenants.


Alicia was always friendly and responsive. Whenever I had an issue from fixing a broken dishwasher to having the carpets deep cleaned it was never left unaddressed. She was consistently communicative and accommodating throughout the year I lived here.  I would happily recommend renting one of her rooms to a friend.


I contacted Alicia about a room in House IX before I got to the US and she was so helpful. Everything turned out just as she said they were, and the house had all the possible amenities I would ever need. I walked a few minutes to Bus 1 or 16 or 97 to get to WashU.

The house was also decent, well maintained and in move-in condition when I arrived. Roommates were great and we had an amazing time together. Alicia also responded promptly whenever there was any issue to be fixed. If you are looking for a decent accommodation in the St. Louis Area or you want a Landlady who really cares, look no further because Alicia is here.


I moved into House IX in August 2018, and I remained there for the next 3 years. I really loved the house. The Landlord is very responsive and the housemates I met were amazing people. I enjoyed my private space and I also enjoyed interacting with other housemates in the common areas. Staying in the house helped me make great friendships.


If you're reading this testimonial, congratulations - you don't know how lucky you are! You've just stumbled upon one of the best living arrangements you'll ever find. My time living in one of Alicia's houses was an incredible experience, and I know I'll always remember it fondly when I look back on my college days. Our house had six roommates: I was initially skeptical about having this many roommates, but it turned out to be the best part of my experience. The house is very, very roomy (3 floors and a basement), and each and every one of my roommates brought a unique and interesting perspective to the table. My roommates included students from 4 different continents and completely different fields of study, so every dinner table conversation was a truly fascinating and eye-opening experience. All of my roommates were wonderful to live with, and we'd often cook, bake, make tea, and play board games together. No matter who you are, living in one of Alicia's houses is an experience you'll never forget - I truly can't recommend it highly enough!!!


Living in the house was certainly a new experience for me.  Enjoyed being near all the restaurants in The Loop - any type of cuisine one could want!  Having roommates was great because I didn't know anyone in the area. Also loved Clayton - went there quite a few types for shopping and restaurants, very nice area. I was somewhat concerned with the area, but it didn't prove to be a problem. Overall, living in the house was a good experience.


Living in this house for the Summer was a great experience! My housemates and I got along together although we came from really different backgrounds. Going out on Delmar Loop near the house became a good way to initially socialize and later to celebrate any kind of good news. But St. Louis had way more to offer than only the Loop, and soon we went to explore different alternatives. The Grove on Manchester Ave. and its crowded night clubs during night; Soulard District and its historical and charming buildings (go to Chava's restaurant!); and the different museums in the relaxing Forest Park... All those places and much more were often “one block away” from us since metro stations were really closed to the house. I lived in St. Louis for 3 months and had a great impression of it, so although the house is a really good place I would suggest for any one to go out.


This house was a great place for me to stay while I was in St. Louis. Because I only had four months in St. Louis, living in a community-style living arrangement was perfect and so was the house! Many things were shared like pots, pans, kitchen utensils, cups, and communal household cleaning items. I also really appreciated the once a month cleaning rotations that each house member participated in. It kept our house nice and tidy and took some of the pressure off to be the one cleaning all the time. The house itself, though old, is homey, nice, and functional. There is plenty of shared community space and everyone seemed very respectful of those spaces. The house is also located so close to Grand which has all of my favorite restaurants which was great! The neighborhood is very safe and I felt comfortable enough to go on a run almost every night on my own. It was a really great place to stay. 


My partner and I relocated to St. Louis from out-of-state rather suddenly and Alicia provided us with a quick and easy housing solution! We lived in a master suite in a shared house, which gave us the privacy we needed along with the sense of community we desired. We loved having the opportunity to live with a roommate from Germany, who taught us her culture, shared family dinners with us (we did a regular recipe exchange), and ultimately became a lifelong friend!

Alicia as a landlord was fantastic! She furnished our entire house, AND stocked it with everything we may need— from pots and pans— to a snow shovel for the driveway during the winter. She is a very responsive landlord, quick to help us with anything we may need. She even sends out monthly emails of local events/things to do in the city AND has a community book share box in her front yard!  

Overall, we had a great experience and would 100% recommend. She provides clean, safe, and inclusive community housing in the heart of St. Louis. It was a unique experience, in the very best of ways! Perfect for a student, young professional, couples, and everyone in-between!